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It takes a team effort to provide effective, compassionate care to those who need it, and our team is dedicated to serving those needs. From the personal attention you deserve to delivering the service and products that fit your lifestyle, we strive to ensure that your daily life is made easier. Remember, you can choose your medical equipment provider—exercise that right and choose the company that sets the standard.

The products on this site are only a small portion of what we do; a large variety of products can be found in each of our locations. Please note the items on this site might not be available in some regions due to regulations. Not all MEDIchair products are available for online shopping. Large selections of products require medical advice and documents from medical professionals such as therapists. These products might also be funded by insurance, government agencies, or other organizations. Please contact your local MEDIchair store for more information. MEDIchair products are available in Canada only. Shipping is only available within Canada.

Pride Lift Chairs - Up to 20% Off!
$1,439.99 - $2,089.99
$1,439.99 - $2,089.99
Bathroom Safety - Up to 25% Off!
Rollators - Up to 15% Off!
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